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Sacred House Hotel

architecture & design

“Sacred House” is a very virtuous instance of Greek architecture in origin. Following its origins’ footsteps it has been reconstructed by means of classic and neo-classic architectural style harmonized by creativity and a unique form. And it was founded as an endogenous existence objective and a unique identity, between the good and the bad that is created by spiritual and esthetical solicitude rather than commercial purposes.

Architecture & Interior Design by Turan Gülcüoğlu


Rooms & Suits

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Restaurant & Bar

An iconic restaurant in cappadocia, Virtus Restoran by Sacred House offers a majestic setting where the show takes place in the kitchen as well as the restaurant.

Steeped in history, this establishment is filled with a distinctive and unique atmosphere where time and space fade away during an exceptional moment.

“We cant just die and go. One needs at least wine and poetry.” – Jack Kerouac

Our menu accompanied by old, forgotten and ancient cuisines which are served in a medieval atmosphere supported by antique silverware, antique chandeliers and chevalier tables, to be a "knightly" one to remember a long time.

Divine Soul